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Make plans to get at least 4 community service projects for your unit this year. Once you have participated in a service project...record your hours!! Click here for the Service Hours Reporting site.

-Scouting for Food: National BSA has agreed to help support local food pantries in order to increase the food supply that decreases drastically during the summer months. Youth are more likely to go without regular meals during these month since school is out, and most organizations collect food in the fall. Please participate with your unit, Charter Organization and family to help 'Fill the Banks' with food. Click here for more specific information for the Frontier District. (Again, make sure to report all hours spent working on this with the youth, adults and any others who assist).

Miss a newsletter? Keep up with important events, see who's doing what, and find out info your youth need you to know. Click below to look over the District Newsletter's from this year.

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