District Training Round Robin

Get trained in your own town. We're asking units to host a training in your town. You and your leaders, parents, adults can participate at any & all of these training events. Say for instance, your troop needs the committee trained. How about host "Troop Committee Challenge" at your local community building, a church, etc...contact Adrian Brantley for more info: 417-298-3911 or abrantley@bolivar.mo.us. 

If you have a specific training need in your unit; please let us know. Please do NOT wait to get trained; most basic and fast start trainings are available online.  Your unit can also host a training for your leaders by contacting Adrian Brantley or LeaAnn Porter at any time and scheduling this.

If any other training is desired please notify LeaAnn Porter at: 417-536-8829 or msleaann@yahoo.com

All the districts in the council continue to offer basic training about every two months to ensure that all leaders have the opportunity to get trained.

Please remember that by December 2013 all leaders must be fully trained to be able to register, and for the unit to be re-chartered. 

Is is mandatory for ALL volunteers to have Youth Protection Training (YPT) and soon, POSITION SPECIFIC TRAINING, prior to any application be submitted to the Council.  This training is available online 24/7 on the Online Training Center, click here to be directed to the site. While your future leaders are on the MyScouting site, promote them to complete all training they need for their position, including basics & specifics.  A trained leader promotes a great program for the boys.

If your meeting place has available internet access, it would be advisable to have the leaders log-on during a meeting to insure all have met this requirement. Once volunteers have taken the YPT, the certificate can be saved & emailed to Kelly Crites.