New Eagle Scout Application Available

Now that the Cooking Merit Badge is required for the Eagle Scout rank, all Scouts applying will need to use the NEW form. Click here for the form.  

Eagle and Service Project Ideas

The Habitat for Humanity Restore will work with Eagle Scouts who are looking for a project.  Scouts can build dog houses and/or play houses for the Restore's silent auction in November. Scouts can work on this anytime throughout the year and supplies will be provided.  The Restore will also work with Scouts to supply low cost building supplies for Scouts working on different projects! Contact Chris Houghton at 417-840-4210 for more information. 

Scouts can work with Adam Carsey to build trails in the Highlandville Area. This is also a service project possibility for units. Contact information is 417-496-1197,   

The Habitat for Humanity Restore is looking for units to help flyer neighborhoods in Springfield and the surrounding area. Units can pick up any number of flyers from the Restore and canvas a neighborhood of their choice. Flyers will have information about the Restore on them. If you are interested in working with the Restore on this or have an idea of your own, contact Chris Houghton at 417-840-4210.

Have any other Eagle and/or Service project ideas? Send them to and we will put our favorite on Facebook and this page!

Need an Eagle Scout Project approved?

If you are a life scout and need help with your life to eagle process or need to have your Eagle Scout Project approved by Don Sadler (Pathfinder District Advancement Chairman), you can do so the first Thursday of every month at the Pathfinder District Roundtable. Don is on hand at every Roundtable to give guidance and to look over and approve your Eagle Scout Projects.
If you have questions about anything concerning advancement in your unit please contact Don Sadler, Pathfinder District Advancement Chairman. Don's email can be found in the District Leadership tab on the left of the Pathfinder District page.

Transportation Merit Badge

Prime Inc. has offered to assist scouts who are working on the Trucking Transportation merit badge. They will help with some portions of the merit badge and will be able to answer any questions. Prime Inc. will also give tours to units looking for a fun activity or go-see-it! Contact Clayton Brown at 417-521-3102 or