"Every boy deserves a trained leader."

Beginning with rechartering in January 2013, a three year training initiative will be established to achieve the goal of 100% train leaders in all traditional units. Click here to view the plan and check list of what makes a trained leader. REMEMBER ITS FOR THE BOYS! Please contact Ron Goss for information rgoss@aoinc.org.

What makes a trained leader?

Here's a list of what makes a trained leader for Packs, Troops, Crews, and Teams! Click here!

Family Talent Survey Sheet

Having trouble reruiting parents to be leaders in your Unit? Use the Family Talent Survey Sheet to find out what they are interested in! Are they an Eagle Scout? Do they enjoy helping train other leaders or like to stay organized? Every parent has many talents, just find out what they are and where they will fit in with the unit! Click the header for the sheet!

Leader Specific Training

Training Chair Ron Goss and his team will be teaching different leader specific training on May 9th at the Springfield Service Center. Multiple trainings will be offered, but they need at least 6 people to sign up in advance! BALOO training will be offered with a cost of $5, to cover the supplies needed. Please register and pay for the BALOO training at the Springfield Service Center.