Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader

Would you get on a plane if the flight attendant came over the intercom and said, "Welcome to XYZ Air. We hope you enjoy your flight from Waynesville to Tampa Bay today. Your seat back can be used as a flotation device and oh by the way only 34% of our pilots are trained."? You would get off that flight immediately. So why would Cub Scout parents want to bring their boy to a den, pack, troop, crew, or post meeting when only 34% of our leaders are trained?? Training is VERY important not only so the leaders know what their role is but also so that the youth can have a quality program. Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!

Carrie Fredrickson , the District Training Chair; Carriefredricksonphotography@gmail.com is looking for trainers to be on his training team. This is a crucial step in providing periodic trainings in our District as opposed to making you go elsewhere for training. No experience necessary. All would be trainers will need to attend one of the Fundamentals of Training or Trainer's EDGE courses offered at Council.

September 6th – River Trails District Adult Training Den and Cub Leader, Webelos, Cubmaster, Pack Trainer, Pack Committee, BALOO, Scoutmaster Specific w/Varsity Break Out Session, Troop Committee, COR, Venturing Advisor & Venturing Committee.  Fill-out the below Registration Forms and turn into the Rolla Scout Shop.

CubScout Leader Training

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

September 2014_Venturing Committee flyer

September 6 2014 Venturing Leader Specific flyer

September 6 2014_Varsity Committee flyer

September 6 2014_Varsity Leader Specific flyer

September 6 2014 Scoutmaster Specific

September 6 2014 Troop Committee

November 9th – River Trails District Youth Training Day—Den Chief, ILST, ILSC

February 2015 – Scoutmaster Specific @ Rolla MBU

April 24-26, 2015 Wood Badge 1st Weekend

May 15-17, 2015 Wood Badge 2nd Weekend



2015 Recharter (Before River Trails goes through our re-chartering process) all registered leaders MUST be trained in their position; including Committee Chairmen and Members of the Committee. Unit charters without all direct contact leaders trained will not be processed. Units with members of the committee who are not trained will be processed provided two or more of the members of the committee are trained. Members of the committee, who are not trained, will not be registered.